RFP Checklist

RFP Checklist

We invite you to explore this unique HQ2Countries Campus proposal here in Dona Ana County, and I speak on behalf of my fellow Commissioners that we are eager to do everything we can to assure that our efforts match the requirements for speed and ingenuity of your company
Ben RawsonDoña Ana County Commissioner
Metro area with more than one million people:

The Los Santos Bi-National community is centrally located within the Borderplex, a tri-state, two country region with a population of 2.7 million people, consisting of the Las Cruces MSA, NM, El Paso, TX and Juarez, MX.

A stable and business friendly environment:

Ernst & Young named New Mexico the "Best in the West" for manufacturing. Most of these same policies also apply to corporate headquarters.

Moody's projects that Mexico will be the 10th largest economy in the world by 2020. PricewaterhouseCoopers  projects that by 2050 it will grow to be the 7th largest.

The potential to attract and retain strong technical talent:

Combined, the Borderplex region has seven major universities with over 139,000 post-secondary students. The region’s quality of life to attract and retain talent is unrivaled with over 300 days of sunshine and outdoor activities that span all 12 months of the year from our two national monuments to lakes and mountains.

A community that thinks big and creative when considering site locations:

The HQ2Countries proposes to develop the first bi-national, cross-border campus of its kind, with its own private, pedestrian port of entry, allowing any corporation to work with the best and brightest from two countries, in a metropolitan region, the largest on the US/Mexico border, that is already home to 2.7 million residents, 139,000 post-secondary students, 2 international commercial airports, 1 onsite international private airport, 3 medical schools and an abundance of bi-national spirit.  This creates an opportunity to change the conversation on border relations, moving away from “walls” and “bridges”, to one of cooperation led by private sector investment.

30 mile proximity to population center:

The HQ2Countries proposal sits in the bi-national community of Los Santos, composed of Santa Teresa, NM and San Jeronimo, MX, a short 20-minute drive to downtown El Paso and 15-minute drive to downtown Juarez.

Proximity to international airport:

We have two international commercial airports, one in El Paso, TX and one in Juarez, MX, a short 30 minute and 20 minute drive respectively, with 27 nonstop destination routes to major hubs such as Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Mexico City.

Additionally, within the Los Santos project is a third international airport, which handles private aircraft.


Los Santos has two fiber optic access points and multiple long-haul fiber optic lines available on the property.

Mass Transit

Mass transit is a pillar of the Los Santos masterplan. The plan centers around the concept that residents should be able to reach services within a 5-minute walk and reach further destinations via mass transit. Currently, the U.S. side of Los Santos is served by bus service from the South Central Regional Transit Authority, which is interconnected with the bus services in Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, TX. The Mexican side of Los Santos receives bus service from private bus companies in Juarez, MX.

Proximity to major highways and arterial roads:

Los Santos is connected directly to Interstate 10 via the Pete Domenici Highway and to downtown Juarez via the Anapra Highway. Furthermore, the Las Cruces region is at the crossroads of Interstates 10 and 25.

200 acre greenfield development opportunity:

The 200-acre greenfield development proposed for the HQ2Countries campus is part the 70,000-acre master planned, bi-national community of Los Santos. Manufacturing and logistics developments, such as Foxconn and the Union Pacific Intermodal facility, have already set the stage for infrastructure readiness. Additionally, with only three major landowners, rapid decision and cooperative bi-national planning for the campus can be expedited.

Los Santos is committed to sustainability efforts:

Although Los Santos sits atop the largest water aquifer in the region that will last well into the 22nd century, water is a precious resource in the desert. Understanding this, the Los Santos development is partnering with universities, agencies, and other local stakeholders on both sides of the border to test the viability of a desalination plant for the region.

The proposed site for the HQ2Countries campus is 1.5 miles from the existing 20 MW NRG Road Runner Solar Facility and there is an abundance of adjacent land for dedicated renewable photovoltaic power generation. The region already boasts 110 MW of solar production and the regional utility provider, El Paso Electric, is providing  100% coal-free electrical generation. Additional large-scale solar projects are planned for both sides of the border.